Welcome Promotional Product Resellers

We Love Resellers of Personalized Promotional Products. Columbia Design offers thousands of our personalized promotional products to hundreds of our resellers in the U.S. We offer wholesale pricing on all of the products shown on this website, to qualified resellers.  If your business is in the: professional promotional products; commercial printing; graphic design; advertising; marketing or the sign business, we'd love to help you sell promotional products to your customers.  We can provide you with as little, or as much, assistance with your project as is necessary, with in-house graphic design services also available. In fact, you get 30 minutes of FREE graphic design services with every order placed!

Find out just how easy we are to work with, and how happy your customers will be, and contact us now.  Please fill out the contact form below, if you are not already a Columbia Design customer, or call us at the number above, or use our "Live Chat" feature.

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale Reseller Program.